Plant Extracts

Made from seven organically grown plant extracts, with added coconut derived amino acids and naturally derived preservatives

Panax Ginseng Root

- Stimulates hair growth
- Natural DHT blocker

Biota Orientals Leaf

- Promotes hair growth
- Strengthen hair follicle

Zingber Officinale Root

- Prevents thinning & breakage
- Increases scalp circulation

Polygonum Multiflorum Root

- Promotes hair follicle growth
- Natural DHT blocker

Gleditsia Sinesis Seed

- Stimulates hair growth
- Protects and nourishes hair

Arborviate Leaf Extract

- Strengthens hair follicles
- Inhibits fungal / bacterial growth

Coconut Derived Amino Acids

- Repairs and strengthens
- Protects and nourishes

Dioscorea Sylvestris Root

- Reduces oxidate stress
- Combats scalp inflammation

Plant Derived Preservatives

- Naturally derived
- Preserves and protects ingredients